What People Are Saying About Finding Matthew

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I want to thank you for writing from the heart about your son Matthew’s life. Tears flowed for both of you. It was a beautiful account of love and heartbreak raising and advocating for a son with special needs.

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and appreciated your book, Finding Matthew and how you speak of Matthew’s personality and his relationships with people. So many people who’ve never known a nonverbal person with special needs don’t understand how much you learn from them. Someone in my parent group at Bereaved Families of Toronto, suggested your book for me – probably because my husband & I are the only bereaved parents in the group who’ve lost an adult child with special needs. Although our sons were different in some ways, I was struck by the similarities. My Graham was also nonverbal, had autism and a mood disorder and had been hospitalized for this reason when he was 12. We lost him without any warning to SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy) at age 25 this past July 15th. Graham lived in a wonderful group home were he was respected honored and loved. All of us very much miss him. Although he has some very challenging times, he had a vibrant personality and was full of life with a wonderful sense of humour. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for writing your book about your son and let you know how I appreciated it.”
– Anne

“Thank you for sharing Matthew’s life with the world. I’m a special education teacher in Labrador. I find myself drawn to the stories of those who walk a different path in life. Last week … I found this book and read it. Devoured it is probably more accurate … Again thank you for sharing Matthew’s story with the world. I feel like I’ve glimpsed into your heart.”
– Amanda

Just finished reading Finding Matthew. What a heartfelt and at times heart wrenching journey for Matthew, for you and your family. But through it all, you advocated for him at every opportunity and that’s clear in your writing and in your actions. Not many people would have the stamina to do so. I.e. arranging independent living with a caregiver, frequent trips to the Emergency Room, the slippery slide of ups and downs, celebrating success and working through the difficult times.

Readers of Finding Matthew can identify with you, … and perhaps it will inspire others in similar circumstances … Bottom line, Matthew was lucky to have you for a Mom. Thank you for sharing your experience and taking the time to put it into words.”
– Connie

“What an honest, raw account of what [you] experienced and felt. Bravo … for sharing [your] story so eloquently and ensuring that everyone knows and remembers Matthew.”
– Stacie

“I just finished Finding Matthew and wanted to congratulate you on creating such a well written, loving book. It overwhelmed me and I almost completed it in one day. I especially admire the emotional honesty you put into it. Thanks for sharing this story of a lovely man I wish I had known.”
– Jennifer

“My mom spent 25 years writing “Finding Matthew” and to say it was a labor of love, would be trite. “Finding Matthew” is a masterpiece, expertly written and refined over the quarter of a century. I am incredibly proud of the book she’s written.

Matthew’s every challenge and milestone is detailed with eloquent prose. She writes our story in an engaging manner that makes you want to know more about Matthew and our family.

Readers need to be prepared to really get to know Matthew. You’ll laugh, cry and celebrate every milestone. You won’t be able to put the book down.”

“You are and were gritty. You’re not afraid to tell the truth, with its sometimes not-so-pleasant resonance. But you’re also ever optimistic even when faced with the most bleak of circumstances.
– Kelley

“Donna, I just finished “Finding Matthew”. What a wonderful book about love, devotion and Matthew. I cannot image the strength and love it took to be Matthew’s Mom.”
– Jane

“Congratulations on having your book front and centre on [quick-brown-fox-canada.blogspot.ca]”.
– Sally