Friday Pick-Up

by Donna Kirk on November 20, 2017

Each Monday and Friday, Ed picks the girls up from school and takes them (and him) to the candy store. It’s a Kirk ritual.

On Friday, Grampa arrives as usual, gets the girls, they all walk back to the car and pile in.

Car won’t start.

Girls start crying. “Call Daddy!”

Ed calls me. I arrive 20 minutes later with the jumper cables.

I had to read my manual to figure out how to open the hood on my car. (Stop rolling your eyes, faithful readers. How often do you open the hoods of your cars????)

Ed attaches the cables to his battery and manages to clank the other two together when he’s bringing them over to my car. Sparks fly.

The girls, who are standing on the sidewalk, cry louder.

Ed and I found the positive (red) charge on my battery but couldn’t locate the negative one.

Girls are really crying now. Probably listening to Ed and me say things like: *#+#@*.

Along comes a gentleman dressed in traditional Indian clothes. Another gentleman comes out of his house which is across from where we parked.

They approach and say in perfect English, “Having trouble?” Ed says nothing and I practically hug them. To me, gentleman #2 sounds Russian.

 Mr. Russia looks the situation over and says we can ground the negative charge anywhere and points to a bolt. The other man nods in agreement.

They must be nuts, I think.

Mr. Russia pushes everyone away, attaches the cable to the bolt and tells Ed to start his engine.


The girls pile into my car while I thank the gentlemen profusely. Then we head to the candy store. Ed drives home.

(Scene Break)

Sunday, Joe brings the girls for dinner. We repeat the story to him.

“I agree with the girls,” he says. “You should have called me.”

We handled it just fine, I thought. What does he think we are, a couple of incompetent old folks???

Ed’s car has started fine ever since. This was just a case of bad car karma.



Wind Blown Roses

by Donna Kirk on March 9, 2017

At Matthew’s grave today, peeking out from behind his stone, lay two bunches of roses. Given the high winds last night, they were probably tossed there.

But the flowers were perfectly placed, side by side, as if purposefully tucked in between the stones for protection.

The surrounding graves were calm and serene as usual; nothing strewn about. No bits of floral arrangements broken loose, lying haphazard on the grass. No papers from nearby trash cans stuck to the headstones. No flower pots toppled.

As a daily visitor, I’m familiar with the order of the cemetery.

Perhaps the roses were left by a visitor in honour of Matt’s birthday a few weeks ago. Or just in honour of him, a person so loved and admired, gone from us for nearly seven years.

A miss you, wish you were here, message.

And the roses were yellow, Matthew’s favourite colour.


Meditation and Yoga

December 3, 2016

I’ve never bothered with Meditation. Not the sitting cross-legged-staring-into-the-distance-with-my-fingertips-touching kind, anyway. Does one have to be completely still to meditate? I think not. As for yoga, stretching and twisting into awkward positions just isn’t my thing. But I have tried. I kept falling over and then pulled my right hamstring. Took months to heal. Power […]

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Proper Supports for Your Child with A Developmental Disability and Mental Illness

September 16, 2016

Matthew’s physical disabilities were severe enough to complicate his life. His mental illness threatened to take his life. He never used words to communicate. Although he did converse using his own version of sign language, when anxious he used all his signs at once or signed ‘yes’ to each question we asked. My husband and […]

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Things People With Down’s Syndrome Are Tired of Hearing

August 3, 2016

Here’s a video that needs no explanation! Enjoy.

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Occasions and Developmental Disabilities

June 10, 2016

Brought up in a Christian household, I loved the ramp-up to all our dutiful occasions. My mother’s frantic preparations days and weeks before, depending on the celebration, were an equal part of the excitement and anticipation. Easter although solemn was still fun because I got to wear my new spring coat and patent leather shoes. […]

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Jumping Competition

May 19, 2016

“Grandma, how do you spell ‘jumping competition’?” Seven year old Sloane’s hand was poised, red marker hovering an inch above the paper. She started in the middle of the sheet and ran out of space long before I’d finished spelling ‘competition’. “Oh, well,” she said. “I can just write it underneath.” Another of her innovative […]

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Most Incredibe Parents

April 22, 2016

This is THE BEST post I’ve ever seen. Chris was born with disabilities so severe and numerous, his parents were told to institutionalize him. Please watch the short video. I’ve been the parent of a child with severe disabilities for forty-six years, and I’ve NEVER seen anything like this.

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Happy Birthday Ed!

April 16, 2016

Grandpa Kirk! 80th birthday. Happy Birthday Dad. Family together for a wonderful birthday weekend. Love to all.

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Radio Interview: Special Needs Family Hour, with Julie Ames

April 6, 2016

I am grateful for the opportunity to have spoken with Julie Ames, of Special Needs Family Hour last week. SNFH is a wonderful weekly program devoted to the gifts and talents of children with disabilities and their families. Although we had never spoken before the interview, Julie and I were friends at once. She read […]

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